Paradigm Shifters: A Sit Down With David Ison


My guest is David Ison. Check out the samples on – and move your chakras. That’s only one of David Ison’s healing offerings. NIH has recognized – given the stamp of approval to David’s tools for musical healing known to be effective for years.  We’ll learn about his journey and where his inspiration comes from as he composes music that leads us through our vibrational beingness.

Paradigm Shifters: David Ison

Paradigm Shifters: Larry Lytle and the Healing Properties of Light


Our Paradigm Shifter this week is Dr. Larry Lytle and we discuss his new book Healing Light: Energy Medicine of the Future and more. Dr. Lytle will take us through how light can heal our body and mind by putting electrons back into place, which sorts out the PH balance of the cells.  His successes with diabetes, arthritis, pain, and traumatic injury are simply remarkable.  And beyond that, as a dentist Dr. Lytle understands the link between teeth, and the functioning of our organs. He truly is a forward thinking man with a vision of light. You will love this interview.

.Paradigm Shifters: Larry Lytle and the Healing Properties of Light

Paradigm Shifters: Bernie Siegel 12/10/13


PARADIGM SHIFTER Dr. Bernie Seigel challenged his profession as a surgeon by pioneering the consciousness of healing. His latest book, The Art of Healing, takes you through so many of the phases that help people reverse dire illness, or release the stuck places in life. Love Medicine and Miracles was his breakthrough book and his evolution just continues.

Paradigm Shifters: Bernie Siegel 12/10/13

This Saturday Night, I’m hosting a gathering. Please join me.


Hi everyone, sorry for the late notice, but I’m leading a gathering this Saturday night 8/24/13 down in Everett, WA. If you are in the neighborhood please stop by.

Healing, Consciousness, Energy Gathering

8/24/13 Saturday 6 – 8 PM in Everett

$25 suggested donation

Draw down the light with all its blessings.  Learn tools for energy healing. Sound, breath, visual creation for meditation, manifestation and healing. With my Guides and yours, expand on your current experiences and grow in a loving community.

Bring snacks for later sharing of chat and concepts.

For more information and directions email me!

Paradigm Shifters: Randy Masters 06/04/13

Our Paradigm Shifter this week is the well loved Randy Masters and he will tune you up. He is an expert in sound, geometrics, and vibrational healing. He talks with us about the tour he is leading to Egypt in November and why. What can we learn about ourselves, our healing, and our evolution by actually being in the resonances of ancient Egypt? Those pyramids are carefully placed on our planet to vibrate the light and streams of wisdom from our roots in other Galactic centers.

Paradigm Shifters: Randy Masters 06/04/13