Paradigm Shifters with Linda Schurman — offering us all, an opportunity for excellence!

Paradigm Shifters is offering us all, an opportunity par excellence this week! Linda Schurman,, evocative astrologer futuristic survival books WHAT NEXT? a Survival Guide to the 21st Century and FAST FORWARD: Surviving The Race to the Future – has teamed up with Rich Spitzer, influential researcher applying metaphysical concepts to his research and deepening trends.

What’s going to happen in the cracking up of old systems, seeming loss of democratic rights, or is it emergence to a higher level of life for us all?
Their book is OUR CHOICE EXTINCTION OR EVOLUTION by The Analyst and the Astrologer

Call in with your questions about world trends. What an opportunity to have them shed light from the ground up – analytics and the incredible motions of the universes!
The two forged perspectives and solutions.

Paradigm Shifters presents Tom Paladino w/ the power of subtle energy, scalar energy

Paradigm Shifters presents Tom Paladino sharing his energy magic with me, Veronica Entwistle. He has developed a system of healing energy that can disassemble pathogens, he is up to 500,000 so far! Wow! Share his journey with his unfolding experiments with scalar energy. Scalar he says is similar to homeopathic – a version of chi, prana, free energy and more.

Tom offers you, our Paradigm Shifting audience a FREE experience. “During our interview I will offer 15 days of free scalar energy treatments to your listening audience. The website for free scalar energy treatments is:


Anyone can upload 25 photos of family and friends by way of this free offer.”

Paradigm Shifters pesents PSYCHIC LAWYER Marc Anthony answering YOUR QUESTIONS!

Meet Spirits who want to speak with you! Call into Paradigm Shifters radio. Veronica Entwistle hosts Mark Anthony – beloved psychic lawyer. He can help you and I discover more about “the whole you!” and help you understand and let go of leftovers from relationships that can keep you programmed, or caught on the relentlessness of karma. In his international audiences, Mark connects you with people on “the other side” to help you resolve undone, incomplete issues, misunderstandings. Maybe even criminal investigations!

This is quite an opportunity! We can solve mysteries that can heal our lineage or our daily challenges when we understand and feel the well being of those who have gone beyond. Forgiveness and release is possible when we hear and know one another!

Paradigm Shifters presents Galexis and Ginger on The Shift

BBS RADIOParadigm Shifters presents messages about the changes on our planet and amongst humanity these days.  It’s been a few years, so it is high
time we bring you Ginger Metraux with Galexis, channeled Beings of LIGHT onto the show.  They invigorate loving overviews of paradigm shifting, in weather, politics, health and human potential — always entertaining, always exploring waves of evolution. What are your concerns?

Your feedback is WELCOME!

Paradigm Shifters presents: Steve Bhaerman

What’s going on “out there” in this obvious political take over time? Well steve Bhaerman, ( a wise and conscious Political Science being with his own radio show!  joins me on Paradigm Shifters. We are asking for the REBIRTH in this season. Steve tells us how it is working. How can we birth ourselves amid a system that is wringing people out for all their pocket change. A relentless and blind sociopathy that is suddenly, thank you Mr. Trump, is being illuminated for more and more people! Steve and Veronica speak of a system that flows along “follow the money” contracts, with the illusions of democracy.
I love talking with Steve. What a refreshingly supportive approach to human evolution in the confinement of today’s society.

Paradigm Shifters Presents Brian Graham

Paradigm Shifters presents Rev. Brian Graham, of with a rich lifetime exploring and expressing what’s going on out there and what’s going on in each of us, through military, radio, and many levels of Theological studies, Brian now travels with Lady Ashtar, and Ashtar, a grand host of consciousness.  His beloved, Terrie is the channel.  And as he says, he lives among angels.

Author progressive books like, Think, Believe, ReceiveIt’s All About Me (it IS isn’t it?), then the delicate balance within and without The Bear and the Butterly, and now, The Lady Ashtar story.    Let’s share his story, his mode of guiding so many to newfound “selfness” and greater love.

Paradigm Shifters presents Chris Griscom and Our Galactic Connections

Paradigm Shifters presents Chris Griscom.

What an amazing woman, channel, healer, multi dimensional consciousness!  Developing a system of awakening us all to being Galactic, to understanding routes out of the commands of past lives and karma.  Chris is an powerful force for evolution   Let’s talk to her about how she does it,  where it came from and best of all, where are we going in the planetary turmoil.