Paradigm Shifters brings you Patrick Toit

Paradigm Shifters brings you people making a difference often because they needed the difference.  OUr guest Patrick is one of those.

ANd engineer, struck by a shocking announcement that his heart chamber was filling up with errant Calcium and he would pass in about 4 years.

Determinedly he said “Oh Yeah?  Watch this!”   His determination loaded with his history of biochemistry plus being an engineer who was used to a “what changed here?” attitude, drove him through his own biochemistry plus awarenesses of health issues in specific parts of the country.  He discovered the incredible affects of Vitamin D deficiencies in areas where there is less sunshine and on he goes.   Finally linking up a number of supplements like magnesium and ultimately Vitamin K he found solutions that will amaze you.  Not only for his own heart’s situation but for osteo porosous, depression, and all kinds of rejuvenation.

You have to hear Patrick – www. – in his own words to realize how much disease reversal is in our own hands and in peer reviewed articles.

Meet Patrick tonight at 8 PM PDT on, followed by podcasts on Itunes, Stitchers and my site (which was recently hacked so give it time)