Paradigm Shifters with Linda Schurman — offering us all, an opportunity for excellence!

Paradigm Shifters is offering us all, an opportunity par excellence this week! Linda Schurman,, evocative astrologer futuristic survival books WHAT NEXT? a Survival Guide to the 21st Century and FAST FORWARD: Surviving The Race to the Future – has teamed up with Rich Spitzer, influential researcher applying metaphysical concepts to his research and deepening trends.

What’s going to happen in the cracking up of old systems, seeming loss of democratic rights, or is it emergence to a higher level of life for us all?
Their book is OUR CHOICE EXTINCTION OR EVOLUTION by The Analyst and the Astrologer

Call in with your questions about world trends. What an opportunity to have them shed light from the ground up – analytics and the incredible motions of the universes!
The two forged perspectives and solutions.

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