Paradigm Shifters presents John Peterson

Paradigm Shifters presents John Peterson of “no-kidding paradigm shifts”. “No kidding!” is an uncderstatement. Our future is dynamic and changing exponentially. With that, our function, or even the base reality of what it is to be human, is evolving.

Think of possibly becomiing a hybrid human, as Artifical Intelligence boots up! We are also entering the center of the edge of our galaxy with its extreme energy focused on us, along with all nearby celestial bodies. Not just our planet is morphing.

The greatest tool we have, as we go through rapid changes, is our mind, our ability to use our changing consciousness. Are you ready? Or, as John says, for “an unprecedented new world”.

John, once a systems wizard in the military and the White Houseb is recognized for his research and preparations for “high impact surprises that affect our world and our lives”. His training and participation come from his wizard mind, years in various aspects of the military, World Academy of Art and Science, Global Agenda Council of the Geography of Innovation for the World Ecnomic Forum and more. In this interview he provides answers for what is happening here!

John’s research sources includes some very reknowned channels, philosophical teachers and more. He founded The Arlington Institute, he speaks widely, and wants to install power and peace amongst leaders arounnd the world.

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