Is Jesus’ message all about awakening? I think so.


Myths and mysteries of Jesus the Christ have been fracking society for more than two thousand years. What is the REAL truth?  I have been roaming through books by Paradigm Shifters, one of which is Ellias Lonsdale. His book The Book of Theanna: In the Lands that Follow Death and now  The Christ Letters: An Evolutionary Guide Home clarifies Jesus to us as the ONE that demonstrated the Christing process as a seed to grow and glow inside every one of us. According to the trans-dimensional channelings Ellias did with his wife Sara/Theanna reported in The Christ Letters, Christ agonizes over misinterpretations that continue to separate people and societies. Ellias says Jesus is “the Truth and the Way” and not the “me not you” one.  As Jesus says “these and more you can do in the name of the father,”  I like to sing he says “anything I can do you can do better”.  His teachings are that each of us is powerful and empowering, and that when accepted and nurtured that seed of light within enlightens our radiance. The connections between those who nurture their inner light ripple around the planet, lifting humanity with love unfolding. We all have the Christing potential. This means YOU can be The ONE.  And I can be The ONE. Of course it requires sorting out old and outmoded emotional reactions.

Some of the other wizards I have talked to lately added their own perspectives.  In “the sea of reactions” a la Vladimir Turek, or the “sick slough” to which Ellias Lonsdale refers, and from Peter Calhoun in Life Without Limits, “a kind of ceiling that had been placed”… around the earth… ” to prevent the people of earth from being able to grow”, or David Icke and the massive conspiracy by the few in power to control us all.  On it goes as some of the Paradigm Shifters I speak to describe our 3D realm. Maybe we need red and green glasses? Yet each of them also say that we have the seed of unfoldment within, that we are stunningly powerful, and our greatest power is love.

Then there is Zeitgeist, a wise iconoclastic movie that documents a number of Jesus like beings (virgin birth and all) basically stating that there really was no Jesus.That it was a minstrel like fable meant to control us. I know a number of young folks to whom Zeitgeist is the Bible and a few others certain that the Bible is hogwash anyway, and yet others who claim that it is written in snippets long time after it supposedly took place.

The proof remains subjective. In my work I have “seen” Jesus, felt His Presence so mightily I wept. I ponder truth. We know there are many levels and dimensions of reality but truth moves through them all with a changing face. Maybe Jesus is not a real man but Spirit coach, a powerful vibrational act.