Ellias Lonsdale and Life After Death

As above, so below… these are the old familiar notes from songs of the universe. During my recent interview with Ellias Lonsdale we discussed his book, The Book of Theanna: In the Lands that Follow Death, and his channeled sharings with his wife Sara from the other side. His descriptions of the murky unconsciousness of dead spirits as “energy fields that can slow your motion and woo you into a trance for who knows how long” scratched an itch that’s been on the top of my mind. Even beyond that, Sara willfully sending herself through its pitfalls reminded me of Robin Williams’ similar portrayal in the movie What Dreams May Come. Sara reaches the streams of wisdom – wise souls who together form the potential SHIFT. Streams of wisdom that want to unite with wise souls on this plane, to imbue our prayers to create heaven on earth.

I nod my head vigorously “knowing” that help is there if needed and that love is a combination of Spirits from many many realms of consciousness, working in UNITY.