Change the Energy… Change the Reality


The SHIFT.  It is happening, or so we hear. But what does it mean? I am looking at the egregious authority structures of corporations with all the tax and compassion evasion. That expanding stretch between the haves and the have nots and I wonder.  But I know from so many on the path that The SHIFT is happening within… within a huge number of beings in the rising frequencies of these times that sparkling through all life.

It was like that in the great Epic poem The Bhagavad Gita, when Arjuna the great warrior lead his troops against a relative who had taken power and along with it had taken lands and possessions. The story deepens us all into Arjuna’s inner battle, balanced by his wise avatar companion Krishna. As he readied for battle, Arjuna ached, “I love these people. I don’t want to kill them. How do I do what is right?”

Krishna reminds us all that the battle is inside of each of us.  A battle to revere and respect ourselves and others, to live into our dharma (our purpose for being). Which in Arjuna’s case was to be a mighty warrior on both the inside and out, and to set the country right for the greater number. Finally after wrangling within himself and with Krishna about justice, debating the real powers of truth and love Arjuna leads the battle and wins the land and possessions for his people. The country can live in joy, peace and most of all love again. Ultimately The Bhagavad Gita tells us that the true value of our lives is to experience love no matter what the external experience.

I am on a plane en route home after a tour of Costa Rica. I stayed in Ama Tierra Retreat and Wellness Center where Jill and Bob Ruttenberg are winning the battle for truth, peace, and health through nutrition and herbs, and sharing and healing. I loved the changes I felt inside and out almost immediately, as the consumer/competitive stress slid off my body/mind. Music surrounds you there, a kind of ambiance of peace. Jill plays piano and guitar. The staff keeps the casitas fresh and soothing, and the meals great. Guests enjoy trips, healing time on the biomat, daily Yoga and of course, while I was there energy readings by me!

The National constitution includes peace and you can feel it in so many environments, Even crowded ones. The frequencies flew as did my days. People smiled warmly and I noticed that many didn’t feel as frustrated as we do here in the lands of have.

My first session was a Spanish speaking young woman, the first of a number, who spoke of her dreams for peace on the planet. Being a ‘60’s activist, one of the many who stepped back after some of the iconoclastic happenings, to inner search. Who am I?  Who am I? In the mantra rhythms of Ramana Maharshi. So many of us emerged with a deepening drive for personal consciousness a la the Bhagavad Gita.

These are young ones who carry the banners of the conscious heart to studies in conflict and strategies for creating peaceful solutions. I met other students through Tara Ruttenberg, PhD student at The University of Peace in Costa Rica. At the university of Peace, a college with a mandate from the UN to promote world peace and styled or techniques to smooth troubled waters, and encourage a greater view of one world for all of us. Tara, who is the Ruttenbergs’ daughter is a staunch contributor to world peace.

I had the opportunity to speak there. A gathering of 30 or so students circled the room and we explored conflict. Basically it starts deep within. We all want to be secure. The group was vital to me with students of  many ages talking about their angst in various situations and how to resolve it, by discovering our own inner angst then working for the greater. Hard to do if we don’t balance our own.

Some of the University of Peace students are dedicated to systems outside of the global monetary controls, wanting full break down of the system that is top heavy and costing so many. More like Arjuna and his battle against dominance.

Others were working to infiltrate systems. One woman who inspired me deeply was involved in the LA banking world, banks or credit unions run by women who are helping many unravel the choking mysteries of compounding debt and school loans. She explained that these are able to wash debts and still have the banks make money. The goal is obviously and simplistically to empower people to generate life in this time of growing scarcity. And to promote loving, healing, generating existences for the greater number.

Costa Rica has no army. It does have a peace commitment, no guns or few guns and the feelings among people as we explore the possibility that a commitment to peace permeates commerce, schools, homes and more. High into the forests with the streams and rushing rivers, or along the coasts that edge this tiny country, a couple of times larger than tiny Belgium. I loved my time in tiny Costa Rica. and the greatest gift for me besides the wonderful work we did, was that there are many sensitive and beautiful people from all over the world contributing evolution into the world… I basked in the pools of many languages in unity. I sat there entranced at times.

And I add my favorite making a difference line…

Change the Energy…  Change the Reality