SHIFT Blessings Infuse our species with LOVE


Life and death, fear and trauma, client’s going through their challenges with money and loss… I thought about it all today. Suddenly so many people are being tested – life and as we know is a boiling pot of unexpected events, both good and bad.

Wandering through my ideas of The Shift this morning, I “know” the importance of rating love more highly. We need to give it more value than money so we can lift one another. But we must first make the choice to love ourselves.

Thinking about Santa Claus, the “naughty or nice guru”, loading his sleigh right around the calendar corner, or the old paradigm Gods – it is hard to love the self and hard to just get gifts because you are… you are BEING… you are a HUMAN BEING… a human experience that challenges whoever you are to express true spirit. We just aren’t trained to love ourselves, are we?

And I think about love. What is love? How do each of us express love? Is it really through a panicky shop for gifts that may be scorned by the recipient? …gifts that often represent duty and fear of not being enough?

We have shifts of our own. It is the humungous loss and challenge which is deepening and transforming who you are and what you value. You are not alone, the world is experiencing the same thing as the revelations continue through Scrooge, the deceptions, the conscriptions to buy buy buy cheaper cheaper cheaper… – value is rapidly sliding down hill.

I wonder how things would be if we marketed love, self-love, care for one another, and forgiveness with the same vigor as our violent television shows and video games. I wonder what it would be like if we weren’t so afraid to really love each other. We are so afraid of attachment, and loss, and the thought of not being able to keep up with the undercurrent’s checks (both kinds) and balances.

TV, movies, video games etc., etches our kids’ brains with efficient ways to kill, to be watchers, and to strategize. What if they taught love and the qualities of win-win? Like the improv expansion tools that teach our children that they can be empowered by empowering themselves. Let’s show concern for that message and teach our collective consciousness what Tiny Tim says in A Christmas Carol, “Bless us all, everyone!”

I was listening to NPR today as I cogitated love and the SHIFT while asking my guides if we could reach for this clarity of love. There was a piece on Leonard Cohen, his song Halleluiah was sung by such a broad spectrum of performers all with their own unique interpretations. The lyrics were discussed, references to the word being the music of time (i.e. Made flesh?) and how the human experience in all its foibles is divine. Then there were short bits of Suzanne, A Bird on a Wire, That’s No Way To say Goodbye, and so many more of his chant like poetic gifts. Listening I wept and wept. Knowing that we are all love, the surges of loving feelings moved me. Wouldn’t it help to better share and value our experiences?

Some thoughts on the election….

What a fiasco this campaign has been… well actually, since Obama won in 2008! How much money is being tossed around buying our minds, spinning this and spinning that? We know that the 2012 presidential campaign has built muscles four our country, but we also know that the moneys spent covered more than their campaign needs required which could have been better used to cover a heck of a lot of the deficit.

I was amazed to hear some NPR pieces last year on how the Christian Right started spending millions the day after the last election to defame Obama. I want to ask “what would Jesus say?” but then thought that maybe this is this kind of treatment that pushed the son of God out of the melee and into a higher position. In any case, it is not the Christian teachings that launch a multimillion dollar smear campaign. The fact that the Christian Right wanted to make Obama a one term president drew more funding and much more support than the U.S. government’s much needed programs in an economy that has been dying since the offshore frenzies amped up.

Funny enough, our growth opportunity these days has a lot to do with seeing ourselves, connecting with the higher forces, getting our own egos past the elephant in the living room. The machine behind the supposed power of this country and the fact that it is a global monolith (or should I call it a “money-lith”) still doesn’t make front page.

I hear us making ignorant statements like “all liberals are selfish,” or “Canadians can’t push shopping carts,” (I live where the over the border shopping deals attract Canadian business thereby keeping this town afloat during these bankster times) or “Obama is the Antichrist,” or “Obama didn’t create enough jobs,” or “where is his birth certificate?” with less mention of the Bush years of outsourcing jobs, offshore investing, and cutting back support of any kind so a small few could reign. Now that is a hard machine to drive! It’s a kind of Monica Lewinsky trick. Remember her and Clinton and the focus it took? We all pant over the gossip whilst the machine gobbles positions.

We need to hear ourselves and recognize that we are simply downloading the spin that floats in the air from our owned and unregulated media.

How can we hear ourselves? Listen around you – stop, breathe, and call it in. You can feel infusions of higher frequency energy coming through in waves from “out there” through the universes. Use it like a cosmic acupuncture to release yourself from constricting thought – opening up to compassion, empathy, love, and solutions. We can hear for our own sake, as well as for all of us that share the pulse of our beautiful planet.