Talking with Spirits


I love talking to Spirits, but last Thursday’s Radiance show was a surprise to me. Usually my Spirit chats are in private sessions but lately, because during my interview with Julia Assante where I accepted her permission to actually call forth spirits instead of responding to the ones that simply show up, I’ve been doing it live on the air. In Julia’s cross dimensional research and medium experience she became clear that it was fine to call on the Spirits. I had a belief that calling them would interrupt their flow. “Not so” she said and off I went to call them up on global radio.

Radiance by Design is my live call in radio show. On the air a caller asked if we could see her sister who had passed some years earlier. I sent my beloved Guidance on the search. Then strange sounds could be heard – a thick and rumbly voice emerged. It was as if her sister’s spirit was just waking up. The more we were with her the clearer her voice became. But for the audience, static blocked the air. The show was interrupted. The caller then told us that since her sister’s passing no one had been able to find her – that she had been cocooned for her healing and only now she was responding. She said a similar static interruption occurred the last time her sister was sought a few years earlier. (Now that is a discussion for another time!)

Before the show started I sent out a prayer request asking which spirits would like to come. A priest in full robes arrived. There was no caller. He told me he had a message for a listener who had a handsome physical appearance and yet excess weight that was very soft and frail looking. So on the air I spoke to him. The priest in apology said that he had abused this man, now in his early 50’s, and kept him spinning, powerless, unable to access an amazing artistic ability. It looked as though our listener had not been able to focus or trust himself enough to bring his abilities to the world. The priest/spirit said he would be working with him to help him, heal him, and bring his work forward. The love was palpable.

Another listener was a young woman trapped in self-deception, abusive relationships, and addictions. The being who showed was coming in from a lifetime with her. A higher being,like our first visiting spirit in this program, he emerged slowly as if in a fog. Similar mists rolled through my inner visions! While existing in his multi-dimensional realms he is wanting to unhook some of the cords that have kept this listener in bondage.

Karma is open to a number of interpretations but it seems that karmic release is happening and it is becoming much easier for me to see and know. (I will let you know more about the results when we get them.)

At the end of it all I was reeling, completely surprised at the potential for liberation exchange being offered.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Experience the love as we unravel the mysteries of fulfillment.