The wonder of a poor night’s sleep


Boing! Awake again in the middle of the night… its 3 AM as I write this!

As the frequencies vibrate through our species experiences such as this are becoming more and more common. I see it in my clients, in my friends, and in myself. Amidst the gifts of all the consciousness purveyors and our rapport with Guidance, one of the greatest tools I have encountered is the gift of the Oneness Blessings.

Our human brains are aligned with a major shift. My experience with the Oneness deeksha is that it gets us in step with all the amazing potentials of reprogramming our relentless and limiting consciousness. My intention is to continually clear more and more of the reactions and beliefs happening in that mighty computer called my brain. You know, I’m talking about the reactions and beliefs that design our realities with thought!

So here I am in the middle of the night, awake… not the kind of awake I want that would release me from thought and struggle. Instead, I’m just awake… neither sleeping nor floating within the comforting dimensional realms that a good night’s slumber can bring.

This particular night was very uncomfortable. Feelings of ways I have been and memories of the things I have done wrong in the past were so intense that they appeared as dark blobs inside of me, their anguishing content pulsing shame and grief. I entered it, writhed a bit, sat up and called in the Divine to take it… a familiar process for me.

I popped, and I mean POPPED. The memory grit disappeared. You know that wonderful infinite space inside of us we can experience during meditation? Well, this was much bigger than that. The kernel of self was a light spark of gold and fuchsia red. It radiated through me and beyond… I mean WAY out there. And I felt wonder. The wonder of simply being – the absolute amazing magic and joy of simply being.

I still didn’t sleep much but I lay upon my bed in gratitude, thanking that wonder, vibrating for hours. I felt great the entire next day.