Tonight on Paradigm Shifters: learning to forgive with Colin Tipping

Tonight on Paradigm Shifters I discuss learning to forgive… the elixir of change, release and healing with my very special guest Colin Tipping.

Colin’s book Radical Forgiveness takes you through the labyrinth within – the lineage and life experience that sticks with you. Undoing through forgiveness will give you surges of release, energy, and the ability to transform all those around you and beyond.

Inspiring for Thanksgiving, for the world unrest, and the political and economic trials of our personal and collective integrity, we face reactions and interactions that can lock us in. What would happen if we recognized karmic ties, or our egos locking in security with our own personal identities? With love? With fear?

Tune in tonight for Paradigm Shifters and hear from a compassionate and evolutionary teacher Colin Tipping and celebrate your freedom this Thanksgiving week.

Paradigm Shifters ~ with Veronica Entwistle

Tuesday, November 20th
Special guest: Colin Tipping
8 – 9 PM PDT on

Love to you and all of us as we give thanks for all we are and do in this crazy tumultuous world. We are all in this together. Unlock…