Spirals of vibrations are constantly whirring through our souls, our cells, and our cell phones. Changing times induce time releasing change, and we have all noticed, I’m sure, that time is moving differently than before – traveling much much faster. So much is happening in every moment and again, change is everywhere. Our brains, genetically wired to be controlled and afraid, are now releasing old programs opening our inner selves to the new possibilities. The possibilities of understanding one another, of attuning to folks and life all over the world, of being able to extricate ourselves from the training that dominates our systems of politics, religion, the economic grid, gmo’d reality, and the media constructed ideas on our appearance, safety, and so on.

Cells and change – I often chuckle at the synchronicities of all the cell/DNA research and all the inherent health possibilities. As the proliferation and research of cell phones and fuel cells, and even groups like Al Quaida community cells race through our consciousness, we literally become connected to the awakening within the collective.

Apparently, and I didn’t know this until I met Dr. Julia Assante author of The Last Frontier: Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death, the same communication foundations that apply to the telephone and Edison, and the magically infinite properties of free energy from Tesla can also be used in connecting folks with what is in store for us on the other side of life’s ultimate barrier.

So today I am musing again about the internet, cell phones, the mysteries of instantaneous connection round the world, and how all these things can combine to be the training wheels to Oneness. 7 billion sparks of one higher mind? We could truly shift to being able to know love and empower ourselves on a mass level. And does that shift include many “on the other side” with the masses of folks currently living in this mundane reality known as the third dimension?

Many of us experience tremendous connections with people who have died. It has made a huge difference in my family and the families of my clients when our connectins to the after life unlock old lineage cellular/DNA patterns through explanation, apologies, and messages of love and knowing.