Engaging The Shift

As we continue to engage the whitewaters of The Shift I am trusting that our Guides have their Super PACs going on. Can we meet the promise of these times so that we may bring human consciousness up?

We have been taught from many sources that the mass consciousness is simply an out picturing of our own internal belief systems. We are programmed to let inside feelings of self-doubt, self-protection, and self-arrogance based on our social status or financial worth incorrectly dominate our world.

I am aware of the power of witnessing – witnessing myself, witnessing the mind, both collective and individual, and being completely entranced by the gloss. I watch the media “spin” pitch hard balls at the election bat trying to buy our minds. “Weapons of mass distraction,” says Swami Beyondanda. He is a brilliant muse in Spontaneous Evolution along with Bruce Lipton, the author of Biology of Belief, and Gramma Sez, aka Serene Stevenson. They all preach for us to observe the ways in which we are distracted from truth.

Recently I was forwarded an email from a client whom I consider to be a wonderful being, someone who is normally kind, giving, and full of growth. But this forward was all about illegal aliens whose angry children are supposedly wasting the food provided to them by our schools. The email postulated that this free lunch system is breaking the country and suggested that similar “hot topic” issues like Medicare, social security, and gay marriage are endangering our country’s sacred institutions.

Hey! Have you read that Romney’s father arrived in this country a poor immigrant and spent years living off of welfare programs and grants just to get himself going? Surprise surprise!

Some of my Canadian friends are astounded at our news reports – who marries who consistently out shines real issues like bank corruption, greed and global swindling. Emails warn of Obama as the anti-Christ… a multi-billion dollar spin from the far Christian Right factory that started with his reign in 2008. Hhhmmmm… can this be trusted? “Consider the source” is a rule we are taught as children but often forgotten as we progress into adults. Our country is the richest, most powerful country in the world, yet ranks only about 57th amongst nations when it comes to caring for its own people.

I often muse that we are like tent caterpillars… you know, billions of them are clustered together in webby tents strung between tree branches. When a few move, the entire structure moves. We are like them, housed in a sticky vibrational goo of the status quo, playing and endless game of tug of war with our marketed thinking. Unlike the tent caterpillars, we don’t need to stay there. As people living in a high society bursting with individual choices and freedoms, we can evolve if we so choose. We can push the vibrational envelope, kick our proverbial feet hard, and rise to a higher vibration. Change the energy and you change the reality.

Multi-dimensional levels of our own potential for thoughts and feelings stretch way out into the universes. Let’s wake up to the magic of stepping beyond the limitations of our vibrational tent of the third dimension. We can begin by taking the time to recognize how the “out there” emanates from “in here”. The more we become aware of our ability to release fears, attachments, and judgments, the more we can emanate that release, lifting ourselves and others from enslavement by our internal struggles. Sounds “out there”, doesn’t it? But becoming conscious of oneself and surrendering to Higher Wisdom brings the love out. It is an adventure in magic.

I return to the forward email about the angry kids who are wasting food and bringing this great country down in the process and I pray that our consciousness unfolds, that the nurturing of life and the planet will take a lead role in our own personal choices. I pray that the spin judgments that keep us too defended to love one another, too defended to empower one another, too busy for win/win, to be infused with grace. The Shift… Heaven on Earth.