Paradigm Shifters presents: Steve Bhaerman

What’s going on “out there” in this obvious political take over time? Well steve Bhaerman, ( a wise and conscious Political Science being with his own radio show!  joins me on Paradigm Shifters. We are asking for the REBIRTH in this season. Steve tells us how it is working. How can we birth ourselves amid a system that is wringing people out for all their pocket change. A relentless and blind sociopathy that is suddenly, thank you Mr. Trump, is being illuminated for more and more people! Steve and Veronica speak of a system that flows along “follow the money” contracts, with the illusions of democracy.
I love talking with Steve. What a refreshingly supportive approach to human evolution in the confinement of today’s society.

Paradigm Shifters Presents Brian Graham

Paradigm Shifters presents Rev. Brian Graham, of with a rich lifetime exploring and expressing what’s going on out there and what’s going on in each of us, through military, radio, and many levels of Theological studies, Brian now travels with Lady Ashtar, and Ashtar, a grand host of consciousness.  His beloved, Terrie is the channel.  And as he says, he lives among angels.

Author progressive books like, Think, Believe, ReceiveIt’s All About Me (it IS isn’t it?), then the delicate balance within and without The Bear and the Butterly, and now, The Lady Ashtar story.    Let’s share his story, his mode of guiding so many to newfound “selfness” and greater love.

Paradigm Shifters presents Chris Griscom and Our Galactic Connections

Paradigm Shifters presents Chris Griscom.

What an amazing woman, channel, healer, multi dimensional consciousness!  Developing a system of awakening us all to being Galactic, to understanding routes out of the commands of past lives and karma.  Chris is an powerful force for evolution   Let’s talk to her about how she does it,  where it came from and best of all, where are we going in the planetary turmoil.

Paradigm Shifters presents Kiril Ravensong

Kiril Ravensong talks about Bitcoins, Bitshares ( and how these currencies can be used round the world. They grow outside of the traditional money/control systems. Can it actually go into broad circulation? Can it actually generate ongoing currencies to help rebuild communities shattered in the wake of the hurricanes and earthquakes of the last few weeks? How does it all work anyway?

Meet Kiril Ravensong, Conscious Banking Consultant for, as he explains its tremendous potential for balancing out wealth and building life foundations for world wide tragedies. Kiril has progressed through phases of conscious living through studies, zen, business, writing scripts in Hollywood and more, and is dedicated to a conscious society. What has he found that can be done with digital currencies like bitshares?

Paradigm Shifters presents intuitive Ruth Anderson and the Open Clinic

Paradigm Shifters presents Ruth Anderson ( and her personal journey of becoming an intuitive. In her unfoldment, making sense of visions and visitations, Ruth meets an etheric grouping of healing forces and together they become “The Open Clinic”. Her stories, meeting illumined beings like Michael the Archangel, or awakening to guidance by animals in spirit or even her own pets as she opened to communicating with her family’s hamster, cockapoo, dove and more All of it building a communicating community that has helped guide her intuition, and comprehension of how souls progress. And what love really is. Her book One Love: Divine Healing at Open Clinic is a narrative that takes you right along to awakening trust in your own intuition.

Paradigm Shiftering by playing a game? Meet Ron Bittne

Paradigm Shifters Presents Ron Bittner of We know we have played games since caveman days! But now here is a game, devised by Ron Bittner, for its deepening and connecting rapport. What does a builder and pilot do to reach through the mental and emotional pain of a hurt brother? Having an acute awareness of the subtleties of perceiving wholly, Ron found this Nubrix game. Little bricks like dominoes with intriguing symbols and colours, that would activate aspects of our brain and our ability to connect.

Let’s meet Ron. Learn from his experiences with a variety of folks, Veterans with PTSD, people in isolating mental health conditions and more – even those of us on the “normal” spectrum who share their response to the unusual configurations of this wonderful game.

Paradigm Shifters presents Steve Bhaerman

Paradigm Shifters is very happy to present Steve Bhaerman, political wizard, beloved comedian and altar ego of Swami Beyondananda. I love to ask him about political events, trends, and of course, what on earth is happening here and now in America? Hear some smart answers to the question of what really is going on in Washington and the country.