Paradigm Shifters presenting Linda Schurman on Astrology and Politics


Paradigm Shifters presents Linda Schurman. Her newsletter,, brings us into the fray with our new administration, astrological influences, and her deep political studies. Linda is a favourite guest, often pointing out challenges in our dreams of a peaceful world in the jaws of power mongers. Are we OK? Are we moving forward? Can we live in peace together? What are some of the steps we can take in the narrowing paths of our climate change, refugees, greed, control… “CitizensUnited” could change in meaning. Oh my so many frontiers. Best of all, how can we empower ourselves, one another and the roles of humanity, rapidly and from the heart?

Paradigm Shifters presents Ken Boynton and his Blip


Paradigm Shifters introduces people whose art of Shifting Paradigms often shift the paradigms for other folks.

Ken Boynton is one of these. He had two Near Death Experiences close together. How did it effect this man on his deep spiritual path, comedian and singer/songwriter? He wrote BLIP with his usual creative verve – with a few words centred on pages – he crafted an epic poem, as a soul traveling through time and space.

Meet Ken. We’ll have fun and chat about his life and the awarenesses that bloomed in the richness of his Near Death Experiences.

Paradigm Shifters presents Rennie Davis and Kirsten Leigman and Conscious Evolution


Paradigm Shifting isn’t always easy. Rennie Davis, famous for his revolutionary leadership in the 60’s and Kirsten Leigman, purveyor of Conscious Business make an evolutionary step forward. It has to be from our inside out. Their new work, a year long webinar, begins April 29th. From a rework of our brain patterning to helping release hidden and primitive trauma, they know that evolution needs physical change. Their goal is to move through the eggregious. They teach the art of dropping inside and changing ourselves – one at a time. We can foment waves and waves of consciousness to reach a point of sudden shift! Listen to them describe the huge shared effort, each of us discovering our own defensive or aggressive natures, to release them, and move with grace to a world that works for all life.


Rapport With Beings On The Other Side

Irene Reyes
with Veronica Entwistle

Veronica’s dramatic afterlife experiences include a visit by her deceased mother as a radiant, pink-lit being, and an encounter with her deceased father on the day he died: his energy flew around her bed and then careened through a tunnel.

She sees her life as a process of “emergence,” describes herself as a “high-level intuitive and energy counselor,” and sees people as ” vibrational Beings of Light.”

Paradigm Shifters presents Georgina Jones who brings us Light


Paradigm Shifters presents Georgina Jones who asks us to Turn Your LIghts On! with the wisdom of the voice, for which her country, Whales, is famous.

From singing teacher to inspirational wizard, Georgina noticed how, these days, we often don’t speak to one another directly. Technology does it for us! Georgina says Turn Your Lights On! and truly see and hear one another. We can do this for the sake of each one of us who has something to contribute to our planet.

Georgina raises the fields and frequencies with Turn Your LIghts On! in different groups – even in corporations. What a difference our whole society would experience for all our sake, if we “Turn On Our Lights” as we listen to her message!

Paradigm Shifters presents Christopher Rudy, a Light Activist


Paradigm Shifters brings you a helpful viewpoint on the societal craziness of the “deep state” political grip and Trump as an agent of change. What does it all mean? Meet Christopher Rudy of, of Cosmic Love, a BBS Radio call in and interview show about what’s happening here, on medical/nutritional truth, and again ascension!

Wow! This fellow has been a light activist for decades. We are so pleased to share his perspective with you. I would love your feedback of the show.

Paradigm Shifters presents Steve Bhaerman and Swami Beyondanda helping you to Wake Up Laughing


Paradigm Shifters presents Steve Bhaerman and his “alt self” Swami Beyondanda ( with political analysis of the earth plane and Swami’s dimensional purview. I ask what is fake news? Is it simply coercion and deceptions to sell ideas? I wanted their perceptions about the deep controls under the more obvious political crud & news for sale. I mean really, everyone, where do we draw the line on what is fake and what is marketing and what is truth? The future of this country is being steered by some odd powers. What do they think of it all?

Meet some powerful comic and political wizards with me!

Paradigm Shifters presents Dr. Cass Ingram and potent healing with potent herbs


Paradigm Shifters presents Dr. Cass Ingram. Dr. Ingram brought us oil of oregano, refining uses of hemp, and now TURMERIC the wonder root. I am fascinated by the art of using these natural… and as he says clearly… unmutilated plants for healing. Dr. Ingram will talk about healing wonders from his own AIDS, Lyme Disease and more, not to mention healing of a broad spectrum of illnesses with others. More and more we appreciate spice wars because these spices grown naturally in India were a healing vault of gold! We are catching on! Just reading names of the dozens of books he has written takes you through the natural healing finds of a heart based researcher.

Meet Dr. Ingram as we speak about his latest book, The Wild Turmeric Cure, and like me you might want to take notes of the many illnesses turmeric can reverse!

Paradigm Shifters presents Nandhiji part 2, a Guru for the Now

Paradigm Shifters presents Nandhiji part 2 Talking about Mastery of Consciousness, Nandhiji’s book, and Nandhiji’s deep wsidom is helping you and I become our own Prophet. Let’s speak with him again and deepen our understanding of our own existence.

But then, he cherishes animals as well and has set up a foundation to support animals in retirement, a concept he birthed watching cows no longer able to give milk, being disregarded. Even after all the service they have given.

Tune in to part 2 as I speak with Nandhiji again, with his unfathomable gifts of radiance, chants, meditation and heart.

Paradigm Shifters presents Sharry Edwards speaking on Voice Analysis


Paradigm Shifters is all about the personal journey of each of us. We are choosing to shift ourselves out of limiting and comparative realities.

Tuesday PM meet Sharry Edwards ground breaking explorer of you and I and frequencies. You have your own frequency print, you can say note or chord. Just like with astrology or other divination styles, when they are out of whack, imbalanced by various debilitating forces, you are not totally integrated.

Since the early 80’s Sharry has conducted massive experiments, helping people retune themselves, their health and more. Watch her Youtubes and download her gifts of software that can help you assess your own vibrational well-being ( What difference can that make in your life??