Paradigm Shifters presenting Ann Crawford… again


Paradigm Shifters Presents Ann Crawford… again. BBS Radio had a gliche and didn’t run this show last week.

So the good news is that you can still hear it and will love the book, SPELLWEAVER and the journey it takes you through, set in the “burning years”. The book is on Amazon. Do enjoy the read that is short but deep, and write your review!

Paradigm Shifters presenting Ann Crawford and Spellweaver


Paradigm Shifters Presents  ANN CRAWFORD, author, filmmaker, MYSTIC, with her latest book,Spellweaver weaves a spell into the 1500’s, and the mystical presence of other lives, where our connections in love and fear remain vivid. As a filmmaker, Ann filmed Viet Nam Vets greeting people in Viet Nam, for healing, completion, forgiveness, just knowing. Her next film, also international interviews, talk with many about what it will take to have peace on our planet. Her other books, Angels on Overtime a story of meeting her husband, Mary’s Message, the story of Mary Magdalene and Yeshua be Josef,Visioning, and now this piece de resistance,Spellweaver, short but ancient love story easily deepening us into soulular “progress”. “The burning years” were a time, far too long, of killing off witches and healers to keep the churches safe. Wow! That makes me think about rebellion and revoluton!