Ram Das Batchelder speaks of the Paradigm that Amma, the Hugging Saint, wields


Paradigm Shifter Ram Das Batchelderh brings us Amma, the “Hugging Saint”. He is one who travels with her on her tours and attends her teaching sessions. How does a tiny woman, who has been through childhood challenges beyond most of our imaginings, travel round the world giving the most radiant hugs to thousands and thousands and thousands for 12 to 24 hours, only to begin again the next day How does she do that? How does she integrate her pain and the karma of devoteees  round the world. Let’s talk to Ram Das about life in a womb of enlightenment.

Ram Das himself is a delightful soul whose journey is one to honor as well. He has transformed from the real life of an American male, through a nervous breakthrough and along a long but hearty path of awakening.

Let’s revisit Ram Das on this his second visit to our show.  I invited him back to speak mostly of Amma and what it is to be her.

Ram Das Batchelder speaks of the Paradigm that Amma, the Hugging Saint, weilds

Paradigm Shifters: Michael Clingerman 04/09/13


PARADIGM SHIFTERS presents Michael Clingerman of the Oneness Movement. Michael talks with us about what it took to awaken to the loving transmission of the deeksha, the evolutionary wildfire from Amma and Bhagavan. Michael shares the rich portrayal of changes that can happen in you and I with a very simple spiritually conscious touch of the head to transmit frequencies that unhook the brain from old programming. The eye deeksha, as well as the Om Oneness Meditations are now available to all online. It is amazing how many have awakened through all these access points. I love this interview as it transmits the deeksha through our conversation.

Paradigm Shifters: Michael Clingerman 04/09/13