Paradigm Shifters presenting Penney Peirce and our rising Frequencies


Paradigm Shifters presents Penney Peirce, visionary, author, intuitive. Penney has been with us before and is a true Paradigm Shifter, breaking open our minds with Frequency, her first book and so many more. I ‘ll speak with her about the changing frequencies of today’s reality, how on earth does our intuition help us through this latest political tribunal the US is swirling in. Who knows who to believe?

Penney has a great record of inspiring people from the sensitives seeking their inner truth to business people reaching through business challenges, a visionary, she inspires people to stretch and reach for their potential.

Penny is widely acclaimed for her presentations in prestigious centers like Omega Institute, in several European countries, and on cruise ships.

I love hearing her many stories about transformation and Frequencies. Her books Frequency, The Intuitive Way, and Leap of Perception present the unlimitable possibilities for you and I.

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