Paradigm Shifters presents Rennie Davis and Kirsten Leigman and Conscious Evolution


Paradigm Shifting isn’t always easy. Rennie Davis, famous for his revolutionary leadership in the 60’s and Kirsten Leigman, purveyor of Conscious Business make an evolutionary step forward. It has to be from our inside out. Their new work, a year long webinar, begins April 29th. From a rework of our brain patterning to helping release hidden and primitive trauma, they know that evolution needs physical change. Their goal is to move through the eggregious. They teach the art of dropping inside and changing ourselves – one at a time. We can foment waves and waves of consciousness to reach a point of sudden shift! Listen to them describe the huge shared effort, each of us discovering our own defensive or aggressive natures, to release them, and move with grace to a world that works for all life.


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