Paradigm Shifters presents Dr. Cass Ingram and potent healing with potent herbs


Paradigm Shifters presents Dr. Cass Ingram. Dr. Ingram brought us oil of oregano, refining uses of hemp, and now TURMERIC the wonder root. I am fascinated by the art of using these natural… and as he says clearly… unmutilated plants for healing. Dr. Ingram will talk about healing wonders from his own AIDS, Lyme Disease and more, not to mention healing of a broad spectrum of illnesses with others. More and more we appreciate spice wars because these spices grown naturally in India were a healing vault of gold! We are catching on! Just reading names of the dozens of books he has written takes you through the natural healing finds of a heart based researcher.

Meet Dr. Ingram as we speak about his latest book, The Wild Turmeric Cure, and like me you might want to take notes of the many illnesses turmeric can reverse!

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