Musings on Friendship on the road.  Several friends’ birthdays are lighting up my calendar. Long term friends.  Makes me want to write about friendship.  I love my friends.

I look at my blank paper.  What shall I say, what is the right thing?  Worries crowd my love but just for a minute.  Aha! The paper speaks.  Friends offer me a blank sheet.  A sharing moment that lets us renew.  A cup of tea or erratic call where feelings can jam and settle.  My friends can intuit my deeper purpose or that I actually have one.  Friends let you toss the nails you bent in your flailing efforts at self reconstruction, off into the recycle bin.  Friends, long term friends especially, have seen us fall and right ourselves, wear egg on our faces, go through the transitory narcissim of deep loss, the crazy search for our true Spirit in the rubbly fibers of the past.  Friends can get frustrated with us as our toe catches in a knot hole, or desires pull us down strange paths.  Or even get mad when we toss wisdom aside in rebellion.

But I have some friends the conversation with a friend is the same always.   In the moment, threads of life refined and refining   Friendship can truly be a transformative womb where we can gestate our true self, loving and supporting as we stretch into becoming.

Thanks to the dear friends in my life.  I treasure a special kind of love for you from the heart.

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