4 thoughts on “Tips On How to Follow Your True Calling in This World and Beyond

  1. Veronica, thank you for this! As you yourself have just pointed out, when we are ready to “hear” the message or receive the answers, they will present themselves to us. I just had that experience in listening to this pod-cast.
    Thank you!
    PS You look wonderful!

    • It is lovely to see you Veronica. I listen to our work together quite a lot these days, It does scare me that I know inside that I am not really who I am. I do feel acutely lonely and isolated. But I know I am here for a reason. I’m thinking this time is an invitation to be mindful and find the track I am meant to be on. Thank you or reminding me:-)

      Hope you are well and blessed


      • Thank you Krista, Remember loneliness means you are looking for your path…maybe in the moment…maybe in the larger picture. But let it guide you as you follow its emotions, and you feel more and more fulfilled.

        Big blessings

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