Working With The Red Chakra

Chakras are the basis of your energy body. The red chakra is the light at the base of your spine. It is where you hold all the information about your base animal instincts and the lust you have for life.

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  10. This is great. I don’t think I ever told you but that picture took of K and myself nursing in the park hugely inspired me not only to keep going, but to be more forthright with baby#2 and her access to mama milk. Getting K to nurse was a rough road, less so than some others but hard none the less. Your picture reminded me, and still does, why it is so very worth it.

    • I haven’t even heard of the movie King of Fit2&ersg#8h30; but oh well… it’s Maggie Q! still, after reading your review, nvm lol… I think Step-up just got done showing in here… so will just wait for it in Cable or dl it

  11. I am doing good by helping a struggling young wiccan mother with her web site. She has a great vision and has already gotten her site looking very beautiful and professional and just needs help with some of the finer points of structure and ideas. This is being done for free as I believe in paying it forward by helping people and sharing my abilities and talents.

  12. GerardDecember 14, 2012 at 5:21 pmWhat? Having someone next to you calling you a failure 24/7 will not make you improve. The lesson on players like Torres is that confidence plays a good part in a player getting in-form. Like it or not, this are the players we will have for the remainder of the campaign, with hopefully a couple new faces in January. Do I disagree with the current greedy, Scrooge-McDuck policy? Yes. But I’ll die before I start booing my own team. It’s Arsenal FC- the greatest team the world has ever seen, or so I’ve heard.

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