Paradigm Shifters: Penney Peirce 09/17/13


Paradigm Shifter Penney Peirce says we are making A LEAP OF PERCEPTION. Don’t you love leaps? Life’s process feels more arduous than that at times, doesn’t it? We’ll talk with Penney about this. A Leap of Perception is the third book in her trilogy that maps the shifting frequencies on our planet and beyond. Will we feel the shifts to group consciousness and become aware of dualistic concepts to release tensions? Learn how to unfold evolution through conscious focused attention. It is a thrilling thought to know that because of the accelerating frequencies, and the change in our hearts and our societies, our personal existences can be both smooth and exponential.

Penney Peirce is a popular intuitive, speaker, teacher, writer and an expert on frequencies, Intuition, healing, and perceiving the beyond. For a number of lifetimes she has been anĀ inspiring purveyor of wisdom and conscious evolution.

Paradigm Shifters: Penney Peirce 09/17/13

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