The power of an 8 year old grandson


My 8 year old grandson was complaining about school. It was Christmas break. He seemed relieved to be at our home away from the city on the channel between Bellingham and the Lummi Peninsula. We walked along the beach looking for heart shaped rocks, noses tucked into scarves and collars against the wet January winds. Second grade – “I am just not myself there,”  he said. That kind of statement wouldn’t be heard in my second grade days. And it would have been mocked or found irrelevant, until the artsy focus of college sophomores. Was the grandest one just facing something difficult so he wanted to avoid school, or was his real self really lost? Or had he heard someone else say that? It was probably a combination. When we spend holidays together we read the Neill Donald Walsh books  Little Soul and the Sun, or Little Soul and the Earth all about the infinite self and what we are here for. And another one of our favorites for years is Eckhardt Tolle’s Milton’s Secret about a little boy finding strength while he is being bullied, by learning about the power of his own light within. This 8 year old like many of the new kids, has a natural gift for healing, did “reconnective healing” after one appointment with Christine Upchurch of Woodinville WA, is adept at all the latest “weapons of mass distraction,” AKA electronic devices.  And there he is at times glimpsing access to who he really is.

The younger ones are already asking, expecting, seeing, experiencing and valuing their uniqueness. Impressive huh? Is this evidence of a mass awakening, when so many people strip dissonant layers of reaction inside and outside of themselves?  Maybe even get peaceful!  Is it possible that we won’t war against one another, vye for position and being right while employing absurd interpretations of power?  The power of “being”, radiating the “me-ness”, the fearless love. I love to dream about it all. Add a few deekshas and oneness blessings to release patterns in our brain when it is all wound up…who knows?  Maybe my grandson and billions of people round the world will awaken and value the art of attuning and re-attuning to their real self!

One thought on “The power of an 8 year old grandson

  1. Veronica, You have such a way with words.
    I enjoyed your use of the language as well as hints for books that people should share with their youngsters.
    Love you, as always with smiles from the heart.
    Keep up the good work.
    I just listened to your show and started to meditate. Had to bring myself back to the now several times.
    It was a good thing. mc

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