Reflections on life after death and my little chat with Julia Assante

As both an older person and an intuitive who experiences many visitations from beings on “the other side”, I am fascinated by the art of dying and the process of transitioning away from this realm. Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Julia Assante, Phd, a scholar, intuitive, and author whose recent book The Last Frontier: Exploring the Afterlife and Transforming Our Fear of Death organizes her research on death as a portal to life beyond and examines our transitions through that portal. Her vast viewpoints on our experiences here on the planet Earth as they relate to our souls and oversouls were energetically liberating for me.

Whether or not you believe in reincarnation, or heaven and hell, or the hell of your mind, thoughts of passing away can leave you roasting on the spit of your own beliefs and reactions…oh dear! But it sure does give us reasons to unravel the reactions that will eventually permit smooth sailing once we do finally make that inevitable journey.

I love the different perspectives that are presented through movies. Take the film Cloud Atlas for example. It is a wondrous story that interweaves the lives of 5 or 6 people, all who meet under different guises and various expressions of self-empowerment and victimization. An amazing interplay that is also a bit threatening to our illusion of wisdom gathering as it takes the characters through recurring cycles of domination and control. Then there is the movie Little Buddha, an older movie from ‘93 about the search for the reincarnated version of the Lama Dorji conducted by his students who have transitioned into the role of teachers. The answer manifests in three children, a young boy in Seattle, a girl in India, and wee boy in Mongolia. And let’s not forget about the much loved Groundhog Day and its hilarious depiction of the nightmare parable of waking up on the same day over and over again until your rough edges are all chipped away and you become a newly refined human being.

Reading the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying I am fascinated by many of the little vignettes in this tome of tombs about Tibetan lamas known as Rinpoches who while in mediation were conscious enough to release themselves from programs deeply embedded in their subconscious. Some of them left this planet in waves of light and expansion, leaving little behind but a tooth or two, some hair, and other almost unnoticeable mini bits.

As the changes on our planet heighten and the crush between controlling interests amps up, it is wonderfully freeing to imagine releasing so many ancient subconscious programs so that our transition, when it is time, can be made with ease, grace, and enthusiasm for the boundless possibilities of freed consciousness. Conceivably this new reality would contain a kind of life in which people and spirit souls could express who they truly are without feeling the need to compete. Hmmmmmm…

10 thoughts on “Reflections on life after death and my little chat with Julia Assante

  1. Dear Veronica
    Thank you very much for starting this blog!! It is a wonderful gift that you are willing to share you insights, time and energy with all of us who so enjoy your presence in our lives.

    I would be so curious to hear more about your chat with Dr Assante and hear what some of the things that most sparked your interest. If it is to be shared, of course! Will you write more about it on another blog posting?

    Your writing style is also wonderful. Your personality really shines through.

    Thank you.


    • Es geht nicht allein darum, Falsch-Kopien zu identifizieren. Es geht auch darum zu überprüfen, ob es einen eigenen, breit angelegten Melnengsbiidungsprozuss gegeben hat, der zu einer Aussage geführt hat. Gibt es den nicht, dann sollte man m.E. besser auf eine Aussage verzichten.

    • With readers like you I can’t help but write! Yes, I have considered putting it into book form and maybe that will be a project for 2012. Thanks for the encouragement, have a great time in Ojai! Love ya, b

    • Mais lisez Hölderlin, c’est vous qui dites n’importe quoi ! Il a écrit au moins un poème sur des Protestants qu’on avait brûlé, c’est connu de tout le monde ! Cherchez dans Hölderlin, et vous le trouverez. Oui, il faut avoir de la merde dans la tête pour me dire que je serais négationiste ! C’est n’importe quoi ! Le degré zéro de l’échange !

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    • WAUW! Ik beland net op je blog en jouw blog beschrijft de stijl waar ik van houd! Je DIY zijn helemaal geweldig en ik heb daarom een klein artikeltje over je gemaakt! Ik volg je nu ook! Kom je trouwens uit Arnhem?

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