A subtle reminder to always call in The Presence

Today I took an intense look inside my client and consciously watched as their internal conflicts pulled on their inner clarity.

She was widowed. Her husband of 30 years passed away leaving a barbed legacy of secret affairs. She is now in love with a younger man who has a number of other feminine interests, and after many years of self-discovery, she is re-running her old patterns. Does he love me? Will he tell me the truth? Is he having sex with them all? Or just with me? I want him. I am in love. I am tired of being alone. He is developing early dementia and loves the way I look after him. Does he want me? Is he going to learn to be faithful? These are the ramblings of her lack of focus.

The Guides carefully shore up her world. They understand that the soul journey that magnetizes us to these people isn’t necessarily the truth, often it is the familiarity that draws us in.

When someone says “Oh I just KNOW that person” I often chortle. Perhaps they should just walk away. I remember how I didn’t several times. To evolve beyond our patterns we have to find ways of recognizing those patterns before they claim our dance card.

But what else is there? Design it in your mind and heart. See and feel yourself in a more carefully dreamed state of awareness that can step you out of your old pattern.

My readings present an array of unique possibilities for each person. Powerful emotions such as desire can keep you glued to certain patterns. Growing, although necessary can be a painful push/pull experience. You feel drawn in, drowning, stuck, or you simply just keep clearing and clearing and clearing without cause. If your struggle is karmic you will know so by the intensity of the draw, you might have to just walk away from it all. You will need to be disciplined enough to not make a new connection in order for your dream of a new, non-patterned relationship to jell with your consciousness.

Always call in The Presence… As above, so below… Your consciousness lives in realms that extend far beyond the trap of the third dimension.

But if our goal is the evolution of ourselves and the planet, then the taffy pull is necessary – isn’t it? We push against that old subconscious patterning, or pull ourselves farther away from it to vibrationally create an evolutionary win-win reality into the collective.

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