8000 years after Bhagavad Gita …not much has changed

Here I sit at the Community Co-op cogitating the promise of the 2012 Shift… or is that promise just a rumor? Hmmm… good question. I think about how life is full of subjectivity as I listen to the expensive marketing meant to design our beliefs, desperately fighting for our attention, trying to invade the truth of our own collective thinking. I marvel at this idea.

I marvel that the artists of the world have the courage to unfold their lines and colors unto the world – in their own unique ways. I marvel at creators and mothers with the strength to stand by their rules and intentions. I marvel that we have the courage to stand strong in the face of the opposition.

We are all one – one amazingly faceted being. Just think of that inner pulse, the Divinity, the core of all creation sustaining us. Yet we fuss and fight for “the way” so we can be “secure” against so many others. We buy into the popular mind. My Dad used to refer to battles that were hidden as “pigs fighting in a gunny sack!” I chuckle as I imagine my preferences and emotional reactions to competition and other forms of comparisons that push and pull our peace away from the gunny sack. The pigs inside are our reactions to the world.

Then thoughts of the Bhagavad Gita arise, that marvelous ancient epic of the battle between Arjuna, the warrior with consciousness and his avatar friend Krishna. It became the popular teaching tool 8,000 years ago or so and finally committed to written word about 4,000 years later. As I read it in a distillation, The Bhagavad Gita: A Walkthrough for Westerners, written for greater understanding by Sai Baba devotee Jack Hawley, I am mesmerized that today nothing is externally different, except for maybe electronics and the speed and extent of certain deceptions. But the fight was always truly Arjuna’s. It was he who led the battle against those who felt inclined to take all the money and resources for themselves, Remember people, mortgage swindles. There is far more power in the world than the power granted by the possession of wealth. Arjunas understood that.

But the real battle for a warrior, as it is explained, “…is against evil, greed, cruelty, hate and jealousy,” and “…a mutuality of existence with all other beings.”

Hmmmmm….nothing has changed. I love to muse that the inner journey is really all we have, whether you are the conquered or the conqueror, there is no difference.

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