Paradigm Shifters: Peter Calhoun 05/07/13


PARADIGM SHIFTERS unite! Let’s unfold and awaken to our purpose, our self-love, our awareness, BE magical, unravel the mysteries of our dimensions, create and love beyond measure. My guest this week is Peter Calhoun. His mystical wisdom opened for him through dreams. Starting as an Episcopal Priest… hmmmm… is that really the beginning? Peter awakened to the limiting influences in us all. Through his visions he unrolled the majestic possibilities and then just kept unrolling. He burst into flame and healed people. In his latest book Life without Limits, he and his partner Astrid, take you and I through the veils that have kept us “belonging”, small and afraid. He is full of possibilities that you and I long to experience during this time of the Great shift.

Paradigm Shifters: Peter Calhoun 05/07/13

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