Paradigm Shifters presents Steve Bhaerman and Swami Beyondanda helping you to Wake Up Laughing


Paradigm Shifters presents Steve Bhaerman and his “alt self” Swami Beyondanda ( with political analysis of the earth plane and Swami’s dimensional purview. I ask what is fake news? Is it simply coercion and deceptions to sell ideas? I wanted their perceptions about the deep controls under the more obvious political crud & news for sale. I mean really, everyone, where do we draw the line on what is fake and what is marketing and what is truth? The future of this country is being steered by some odd powers. What do they think of it all?

Meet some powerful comic and political wizards with me!

Paradigm Shifters presents Steve Bhaerman and Swami Beyondananda


Paradigm Shifters presents: A replay of an earlier and enlightening Steve Bhaerman and Swami Beyondananda show…. it is good to laugh as the Swami talks about the deconstruction and reconstruction of our reality. Look at what it takes to work together as a community, as a unified community, as a caterpillar transforming with the grace of a butterfly. Steve and Swami assure us that there is evolution going on…. and for many, conscious evolution! We enter the election results amongst tatters and shreds of our respect for one another and life on this planet. When we see that, we can center and recreate a loving foundation!