Paradigm Shifters presents Nandhiji part 2, a Guru for the Now

Paradigm Shifters presents Nandhiji part 2 Talking about Mastery of Consciousness, Nandhiji’s book, and Nandhiji’s deep wsidom is helping you and I become our own Prophet. Let’s speak with him again and deepen our understanding of our own existence.

But then, he cherishes animals as well and has set up a foundation to support animals in retirement, a concept he birthed watching cows no longer able to give milk, being disregarded. Even after all the service they have given.

Tune in to part 2 as I speak with Nandhiji again, with his unfathomable gifts of radiance, chants, meditation and heart.

Paradigm Shifters presents Sharry Edwards speaking on Voice Analysis


Paradigm Shifters is all about the personal journey of each of us. We are choosing to shift ourselves out of limiting and comparative realities.

Tuesday PM meet Sharry Edwards ground breaking explorer of you and I and frequencies. You have your own frequency print, you can say note or chord. Just like with astrology or other divination styles, when they are out of whack, imbalanced by various debilitating forces, you are not totally integrated.

Since the early 80’s Sharry has conducted massive experiments, helping people retune themselves, their health and more. Watch her Youtubes and download her gifts of software that can help you assess your own vibrational well-being ( What difference can that make in your life??

Paradigm Shifters presents Nandhiji, a Guru for the Now

Paradigm Shifters brings you, more of you! Nandhiji is a guru, a man whose journey through layers of our society, studying business then awakening over and over to the greatness of being a guru, a light teacher. Nandhiji believes in now, waves of consciousness penetrating the karmically laced reality of war, greed, leftover “stuff”. He assures us that we can rise above it, becoming our own guru. His book…. his websites… his programs ( show us how to lift ourselves to our greater selves.

His vibration is a signature that can lift all around him. Transmitting a more expanded version of ourselves.

Paradigm Shifters Presents Keith Code and issues with Kids brains on drugs


Paradigm Shifters presents Keith Code, who is taking on a HUGE noteworthy education project. Did you know that a large percentage of young kids maybe close to 50% – experiment with drugs in middle and high school? Scarey, as their brains are not fully matured. Some never recover. Some have a tremendous susceptibility and vulnerability, unbeknownst to their parents. So what can be done?

Meet Keith Code. Keith, in association with Foundation for a Drug Free World, talks about education in schools and throughout the country. Kids can learn, without harm, when given simple information about the various mind altering drugs and the permanent effects on ones mind.

Keith knows his subject. He has been there. His talks help so many kids make effective decisions.

Paradigm Shifters presents Curry Glassell and Un-limiting Ourselves


Paradigm Shifters presents the sparky wisdom of Curry Glassell whose work with Access Consciousness teaches us to pry ourselves out of the comforts of limitation,… seeing what in ourself is a fixed statement. You know “I am too slow” “It’s hard to learn new things in my 70’s.” and on and on. We each have an infinite supply of limiters that we CAN release. Curry… spicey soul… funded two incredible movies. One, very current, is called Illegal, only 7 minutes long, but a poignant today reflection. And All About Ann, a documentary featuring Ann Richards who, on a tide of wisdom and grit, rose to Texas Governor and inspired tremendous power for women in the late ’80’s and early ’90’s.

Paradigm Shifters presents Sharon Lynn Wyeth – What’s in a name?


Paradigm Shifters presents: Sharon Lynn Wyeth, ( masterful interpreter of our names, what they mean to our relationships, to our part in the world. So significant! Tune in to find out what the first vowel of your name means, or the name of a would be partner… whether it is a harmonizer, a helper, a detective who wants to know all about everyone and so much more. Sharon researches in great detail the effects of the name. And I imagine what a tremendous influence it could have on our planet, if we paid attention to the names that are working in and out of our lives.

Paradigm Shifters Presents Stewart Pearce and the Voices of Angels


Paradigm Shifters are hard at work again. Meet Stewart Pearce, Voice Whisperer. Stewart surfs the shifting consciousness fields, guiding clients’ voices, through the wisdom of the Angels of Atlantis who awakened Stewart many years ago. How remarkable it is that? Our voices carry the wisdom you and I have distilled from our many experiences in our lives. Stewart’s tremendous talent, whether he is acting, being any nature of personality and soul journey, affects consciousness of one or many through the voice.

Then there is his Angelic Team, his advisors, for you. He also leads tours to Egypt bi-annually to help us activate our own soulular blueprint.

I am so eager to present Stewart Pearce, coach to famous movie stars in both England and LA. Don’t you love these creative wizards shaking our world?

Paradigm Shifters Presents Dr Cass Ingram and Natures Powerful Remidies


Paradigm Shifters is all about teaching us how when we change our thinking, oh wow! We can change the possibilities of our lives.

This week listen to Dr Cass INgram, author of The Cure is in the Cupboard and books on Oil of Organo, The Miracles of Hemp Oil, and now writing about the amazing qualities of Turmeric. Well known for his discoveries of Oil of Oregano in the Middle East and finding his way out of the terrifying loops of HIV.

Through the years he has been adding so many supplements. But he is also frighteningly aware of the distortions to our perspective of supplements, including oil of oregano and other herbs, that current marketing allows.

SO… meet Dr. Ingram as we discuss the basic supports for your health and healing. From mental problems to addictions to pharmaceuticals and other potent forces in our times. There are several potent herbs that can keep your health, your purification, your mind, your rejuvenation of cells and help keep body systems going.

Paradigm Shifters brings in the New Year with Galexis


Paradigm Shifters can be you and I. Galexis, a consortium of loving consciousness, channeled by Ginger Metraux, talks about the election and the waves of change we are living and witnessing on our planet at this time in history. Galexis challenges us enthusiastically:

“Live your life from the POV of your greater self. Be the light of love that you are. That way, you can step into the New World and lead others there. You came to do this anyway. Now’s the time! January 2017 is bright and sparkly. Good things are ahead!”

Let’s find out what exactly that means and how to traverse some tricky territories en route

Paradigm Shifters presents Rennie Davis – a true revolutionary


Paradigm Shifting was dramatic during the 60’s. The art of awakening to the fact that people, citizens could affect a huge war, a power paradigm. Rennie Davis was active then, more than active! He was a member of the Group of Eight most famous for disrupting the 1968 Democratic Convention. Listen as Rennie talks about where he, and others were so heart filled with making the change. HIs journey is fantastic and empowering. He is emerging now with his beloved Kirsten Leigmann, our last interviewee, into the world of Consciousness and Business. This is an exciting interview as Rennie, like Bernie, spans decades with his evolution.