Paradigm Shifters: Star Seeding with Lavandar

Paradigm Shifters:  Starseeds?  Are you one?  Meet Lavandar, our guest this week was awakened to Starseeds in the 80’s with George Van Dessel.  Her multi-dimensional awakenings just keep unfolding. She tracks the purpose of the millions of Starseeds, who have interdimensional DNA.  Light Workers, or Starseeds, used to feel far apart.  Lavandar says that 2012 actvated the signals of many Starseeds round the world,  to act as a kind of GPS to connect them with one another and with ET beings she says are our forebears.  Blood lines, astrological lines and much more are emerging tools to help us track our starseeds and universal heritage.  Lets find out more of the greater plan as Starseeds awaken!
Paradigm Shifters: Star Seeding with Lavandar

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