Paradigm Shifters: Lani Leary 11/12/13


“Death is a portal. Dying is an opportunity.” So says our Paradigm Shifter Lani Leary. She shares her experiences with the dying, helping to ease grief, and infuse the passing with healing. Then let’s add communications from the other side?  Lani is a Near Death experiencer and understands death and the huge impacts it can have on human consciousness. Her book No One Has to Die Alone chronologues Lani’s vast explorations. Looking at everything we do in this life as a preparation for dying is a part of our awakening and deepening into life. The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying  describes our life here as a Bardo…  an emotional swirl in which we learn. Bardo is a term I thought was saved for afterlife phases. There is so much to learn in our great unlimitable lives.

Paradigm Shifters: Lani Leary 11/12/13

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